Principal Message

Today the level of education is soring high in the sky in all fields. When it comes to health sector, one cannot deny how valuable it is to focus on health. As scientific discoveries and inventions in the field of Medicine are stunning the entire mankind, everyday the field of Nursing is also to be equally Par with the latest technology and science to suit with. And I am sure that the science of Nursing is also taking a new turn further in the dimensions of caring attitude of the Nurses, their leadership style in various areas like Administration, Education, Research and the dire need to maintain the high quality and Standards with benchmark.

Keeping this visionary the Founder and Chairman, Chitra Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, Dr.L.Jeyachandran had started Chitra College of Nursing adjacent to the hospital in 2010. Here I take this opportunity to proudly announce that the first batch of B.Sc Nursing Students will pass out in September 2014. And our students pass result in 2013-2014 is comparatively high in the sense, which the hardwork put forward by teachers and students and encouraged by the management indeed yielded this Fruit. The college has good infrastructure facilities, as per the norms of INC and State Nursing Council. Qualified, experienced and efficient teaching Faculty meets the educational needs of the Students.

The Students are encouraged and motivated to participate in extracurricular activities in and outside the college. The Institution apart from imparting the Knowledge and Skill to become the competent Professional, it also ensure that the Students will be moulded to become a citizen of the nation by offering them the training needed for developing Personality.